How to Submit a Great Art Portfolio with your College Application

To make your candidacy more persuasive and competitive, you should send a portfolio while giving your college application. The portfolio could be relevant to your art, talent, sculpture, photography or writing that can adequately demonstrate your specialty or skill.

Designing and submitting a portfolio is probably not an easy task, it requires a lot of consideration as making it more varied and collecting the material will take years of hard work. If you have made it successfully then submitting in the right and accurate manner is also essential. The article will let you know some of the insider tips and how to present your self in a portfolio that can look a way more convincing and can impart good impression while evaluating your application. Here is the sample of an art portfolio, if you are preparing yours give it a time of at least three weeks and review it correctly, and send in a proper sequence and thoroughly evaluate by yourself before the deadline.

Presenting accurately and your right subject matter is essential as it will lead you towards the selection. First of all, you need to ensure the quality of your work. In art portfolio, you need to showcase some of your first talents regarding maturity, growth, media selection, variety in subject matter, the extent of your abilities, and thoughtfulness, etc.

Here you go with some of the tips you need to follow:

  • If you are applying to get an early decision, always come up with your best examples. Select the one that can give a long last impression of your work, but make sure that the college is aware of your time limits.
  • Do not rush to present much of your work; the images should not go beyond 12-14. Go and get the expert advice on your work, you can consult a professional or your instructor for that. Don’t rely on your friend’s recommendation merely.
  • Exhibit your problem-solving abilities by attaching some of your old work about your new updated work.
  • Be a more versatile in all your portraits. Do not show the similar material or same subject matter in all your paintings, bring diversity and variety that can demonstrate command in your different skills.
  • When it comes to detail of images, you need to be more conscious, though you can include two portraits of the same art, which has the connection, and show some of your unusual or exceptional skills. If it does not possess any uniqueness, then you are just wasting your time, and image in front of the person who will be evaluating your work.
  • Select the images that can look even better in the slideshow, as the artwork in pencils may not give the right impression. Choose the picture with more vibrant colors and that somehow also exhibit your talent for the excellent color contrast selection.

Make sure your portfolio is well presented and has come out with excellent photography: You will require more effort to prepare your digital work by yourself, if you feel you are unable to do, then consider taking the help of a professional, as compromising on your digital work will severely impact your work.

Before sending and preparing your portfolio, read the each particular of application instructions carefully. If you are not getting any of the points, make a call to them, and ask them to guide you about the matter. Some may ask you to send your portfolio through CD and some demand to upload your work to their official website. No matter whatever they have mentioned in the application make sure to keep the size and resolution of your portraits according to their prescribed demand.

Hire a man that has the digital camera, as the lousy camera will ruin all your efforts. Before hiring anyone, you can review their previous work. A photographer must have worked in presenting a picture in different ways, if you don’t know anyone, ask your art teacher, who might help you in the matter. As if you will be hiring a very professional photographer it could be costly for you.

Check the way on your application instruction that on which mean they are demanding your portfolio, if they have given you a variety of options, you better consider the CD choice.

While placing your portraits in the slideshow make sure there are no any rough edges or blank area left, as it will distract the person from the real picture and may impact the negativity in your work. Organize and crop your images very professionally and accurately.

In inventory list, list down all the accurate information in a proper sequence like size, media, and titles. You can attach the inventory with your CD.

There should be an essay statement, which will exhibit your work philosophy, including the purpose of sending it. It is a sort of self-analysis that you can update with your CD. You can also add your name or title of your work on your CD, as some designers are proficient enough in designing the cover.

Insider tips: If you are expecting your college to return your CD, then don’t forget your address, as the schools never do so, as there are some applications and it’s not possible for them to send back the CD to every candidate.

Make sure to mention your sketchbook pages, that will demonstrate the thinking, and planning

Don’t add the vague or shoddy work. Make sure to add some of your masterpiece, which can
speak about your talent.

If you have created your website, request the admission members to check it, in this way that
will know more about you.

Always have a back up of your work or CD for future applications. Once you submit your CD the
chances are very rare that the college will send back to you.

If you are want to include the pencil work, make sure you photocopy them in a darker image or
redo them. As you better know the pencil work won’t yield quality work.

Prior sending your application, arrange a meeting with the college administration, and you will get to know more about their selection policies and what they are expecting from the candidate
and how you can fulfill your demand.

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