Following Up After the College Interview

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The interviewing stages are wearisome that never end up in a flash. When you first time appear in your first interview while applying to the college, you think that things are done here, but actually, you have just taken an initial step, and there are ques of interviewers to whom you have to come across. Pursuing the matters more politely exhibits that you have confidence and capabilities that will distinguish you from rest of the people. It’s also recommendable to build some contacts with an agent of your college, as it can give you an upper edge.

The thank you notes: After visiting with someone if you write a thanking note to them it exhibits your good manners.

What we need to have for thank you notes: When you have finished your interview make sure you have their number and address to send them a thanking note. Take a blank page or ivory and some envelopes and start formally writing the letter, you can use either black or blue ink for this purpose.

Emailing the thank you note: In the modern era where we have opted towards more modern communication channel, we can select the same mode for the thank you notes, it will look interesting when one of your interviewees is saying you thanks, and it will also give a good impression to the admission persons while reviewing your application.

While writing a thank you note through email; you won’t have to mention your address, postal address, and other accessory information. But you need to write your name and personal phone number at the end of the mail. No matter if you write it by your hand or email it. But always remember to cover three major aspects for any thanking note

  • A thank you
  • Personal note
  • Willingness to join the institution.

The format of a thank you note: This is how a thank you note looks like, after reviewing it you might be able to write yours.

22 streets Dublin
London MN 0897

Elizabeth Cranston
Admission office
The stetson hall
Ms Elizbath

The note is written to say thank you for the interview that has been conducted with you last week. It was a pleasure visiting your campus and seeing the building and grounds by myself.
The environment of the institution was amicable. I especially liked to meet you, you are a humble and polite person and you made my first interview far easier.

I am much interested in your institution; I liked the infrastructure and the way of teachers delivering lectures to the student with practical example. I think the college accurately fits me.

I will say thanks again, and I might be able to have another meeting with you if I’ll be lucky enough to be your student in the coming session.
Lulia homes

This template is for on-campus meetings or interviews, but the scenario will change if you’d have to write it for any student or the recent graduate who meets you either in premises of that institution or any nearby area.

23-N streets
Ilford CO-9870

Paul Hilton
9876 eve

Dear Paul
It was a pleasure meeting you. After visiting the seven kingdoms university last summer, it will be an easier for me as I won’t have to walk much to reach the college. You are a great person I liked to talk to you, and you gave me some excellent advice regarding the campus.

I will talk to the professors you have referred me, I am determined enough for going to the seven kingdoms universities as it possesses the great diversity and experienced and competent staff.

John brake

Follow up: It is better to keep in touch with the person who has conducted your interview. It will be helpful for you for the future contact or obtain any other information. You may need to consult any person to know more things, like to know more about the institution or to know either you have been accepted for the merit list or not and to get any other information that is hard to get from the outsiders.

It is useful to build the long-term relationships with the interviewer. You may ask him about the flaws of your first interview and the ways to improve you skills.

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