Sample of a Student Recommendation for College Application

The recommendation letter is written to help the students who are willing to apply for the college, the personal detail regarding the student’s name, address, or even the circumstances can vary with each application. But the format provides all the necessary information for covering all the mandatory elements of a good recommendation.

Here you go with all the essential elements of a good recommendation:

The introductory para: how a recommender can know the student, the class year, and the duration.

Academic Evaluation: this part is related to the student’s involvement, and participation, his
extra work, relation with any other teacher or student can be explained project detail moreover,
any independent research or any initiative also needs to be addressed here.

Character Detail: The part deals with the work’s ethics. Student’s interest in the class, or other class activities, energy, and stamina for grasping the knowledge. Out of class information can also be added to the interest in the co-curricular activities or sports.

Conclusion: The last part where the recommender could be able to tie the student’s capabilities or skills, and his/her interest to the concerned department.



From: professor Joseph Ackles

The science department

Five kingdom school

Re: Paul Hilton

I am highly impressed by the Paul since a long time when we initially met in the freshman years of high school, and he was recruited in my courses of biotechnology, and biomathematics. Paul had many hidden talents, and he can be easily differentiated from rest of the people by his profound philosophical question, and encyclopedic knowledge, he was the man of thoughts, his talks were thought-provoking, and the speech he given the kant’s choice and on their idealism.

He was an extraordinary student the way he speaks and especially the way he writes exhibits more incisiveness about him. He was mindful and skilful in the discussion no matter what the topic of a debate is; he is fluent in every way. The way he speaks and delivers the different perspectives of sciences, and their relations and methodologies, the energy dissipation and the idea of having an excellent grip on them are terrific. Many times we sat and debated on the serious matter like expectations and its consequences. I used to observe him his presentational skills, his behaviour towards the peers, the grip of the topic and his motivational and convincing skills. He was a humble, noble, and in-judgemental person. I saw this person highly involved in the intellectual world and understanding the real emotions of the people, and considering them the true assets of the world. After the third semester, he left the college and went to Burlington.

When he came back, he got changed utterly. He had to face the discourage and the wastefulness of man; he used to compare and reminded about his past. He used to talk to me so often on a matter that what type of student he used to be at the high school. We discussed the different evolution theories, and the Paul used to relate every aspect of philosophy very optimistically. With the passage of time his thinking and ideas got more matured and sensible, he was involved in the world, with his perspective. In a debate competition, he gave a very viable and transparent comparison between the religion and evolution of man thinking with it.

He was the only person in the debate who come up with unique ideas and his perspectives to support his point was phenomenal, for that the judges highly appreciated him. After the graduation from the university, he was running an association for the welfare of poor kids. He has been thoroughly studying and traveling across the world to know more about the disenfranchised and right of poor in different societies. We met in a hotel, where he discussed his all plans, and I was stunned to hear about his determination and enthusiasm towards his aim. He was a true soul, and God has made with him with great uniqueness and perfection, I can’t imagine a person like him with such rooted, and profound thoughts. He was more concerned to bring the advancement of science to the real world, that can be beneficial for the poor, and that can ultimately help our country to progress and the world to be in a better and more peaceful state. He is undoubtedly a fantastic addition to the post-secondary program, the maturity of his thoughts, and careful consideration he learned from his experiences were appraisable. He brings people closer to him with his fun and humour and the zeal he acquires for encouraging the equality into the world. The Paul has shown the true meaning of being educated.

After studying it thoroughly, you might be in a position to write a better recommendation.

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