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Supplementary essays are one of a great way of telling the depth of your circumstances e.g. your financial condition, the problem in learning, family issues, or your extraordinary talent that you can’t highlight in your application form.

When writing an application, you might have noted that there is always a portion of the additional or unrequired information. In some application, there is even a specified portion for the additional information. On that page, you are required to provide all the information about you or you can attach the supplementary note with that application, no matter if you are given with that extra space or not.

Review the supplementary essay that provides you all the relevant information that your college committee may consider for reviewing the applications.

Thoroughly review the article and change the date, student name, and other personal detail to secure the privacy of the student.

When I first shifted to elementary school, I used to be a talented student, I used to grasp things easily. My goal was to pursue the medical profession, but as I promoted to the upper classes, my priorities started to change, I wanted to spend my maximum time with friends. This was the time I used to think that securing good grades won’t require my much effort. In my ninth grade a program was introduced with the purpose to introduce new methodologies that might be helpful for the students regarding their homework and ways to be more proactive in choosing the profession. I initially showed no interest in the program. But my parents thought it to be a nice opportunity that I must avail. I started to show my determination to my study but I felt that I am unable to do.

Then I noticed some of the problems in me. My grades were not good to pursue the career of my choice, the big reason for my grades decline was lack of concentration. I was given concentration neither from my parents nor from my teacher as they though I am a normal student. I talked to my mom about my problem and she took me to a doctor. The doctor was determined that I am suffering from a disease named as ADD. This was the main reason for me that not let me have good grades, the people suffering from that disease are needed a special program to study known as 504 that lead them to earn better grades. Students like me are given the special care and more friendly environment to learn in a better way.

In the last years, the problem has become even more critical. In the exam times, the problem gets severe and more stressful, and then the ADD started to dominating in me, it always pushed me down. The tic-tac of the watch has always been my enemy with every passed second my confidence starts to depreciate. I wondered what the other have prepared all and I am still stuck there that thought lead me to have the panic attacks, and soon that ADD got to its peak. I feel myself completely stuck into the disease, and I felt that I am the most useless person, who is not capable of doing anything. My grades started to decrease to a significant level.

In the past couple of years, I have started feeling a way better, I have coped up with the disease, I admitted it and gone through the proper medication process for the ADD.

Without the affection and association of my friends and family, I might not even be able to write a single word of the note. With their help, I have started improving my grades, in the whole wearisome process I have learned many new things about myself. When I was putting up with all the process it brought many changes in me. I tuned into a nice person, and it let me know more about the things about what I would have never even thought in my life. I learned its mandatory for me to learn and revise the lectures on a daily basis, rather rushing in the last minutes. I learned how to manage your expectation level by considering the other people’s limitation, expecting unnecessary and beyond to the reach may be unfair for and for the people as well. Only the person who is facing the severity of the condition may know the real hurt of the problem. Furthermore, I got to know how to listen, people, when they are really concerned for your betterment. People will help you if you give right attention to what they say. In the early days of school, I thought that I might never be able to perform in my life. But then the hard work, determination let me to conquer the ADD and let me know the real capabilities of me, and I got to know that I have even a potential to perform better than ever before. Now I am determined to achieve my grade and confident to pursue my medical career in your institution with a new enthusiasm.

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