Buying a Health Plan for your College Student

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Bearing the medical cost is not feasible for everyone. Especially for the parents that have already the burden of tuition fees. We have come up with some options that you can choose to give your daughter or son a full health coverage.

If the student is planning to go for the abroad studies, you can go for the online insurance plan, that will provide you services from a week to year, and make sure your student takes the insurance card with him/her to avail the medical facilities.

Here you go with some alternatives that you can avail according to your needs:

The medical plan offered by the college: Some colleges offer the medical plan for the students for a fee. These plans give a wide range of medical facilities and are usually a way cheaper and beneficial from those individual plans. If the medical facility is not available at your institution, in that scenario they probably take you outside to college, providing you the prescribed and high value of services. If you are not satisfied, we have got some other alternatives for you.

Go for your current medical plan: You can also go for your current medical program as it would be more convenient for you because you already know much about them. But before proceeding you need to call your insurance company if they will provide the medical facility to college-going students or not. Usually, these health insurance companies will benefit students with their medical service when they are at the age of 18 or 21; they stopped facilitating students when he/she reaches 23 or more.

For instance, if you have enrolled in HMO medical services, they never go for the expensive treatments, and won’t even provide you the services within your prescribed region. Make it confirm is it feasible for your student to come home to avail the medical facilities? If these services are not attainable for the students, then you can go for the medical facilities that will be
provided by the college, that can be free or has the minimum charges. Then the emergency care provided by HMO will be sufficient for sure.

If you are availing the services of the other medical service provider known as (PPO) that usually takes more charges than the HMO, but also make sure the service providers will be covering the regions of the college. You can have the online assistance to check all the national and regional provider. Their services are way more extensive. But it will be worth if you will switch your providers from HMO to PPO.

Individual plan: The best alternative is to go for the individual plan, though it is expensive will be perfect for those students that require more medical facilities including all those that are not gettable to the college medical facility. The prices of these plans may vary with the services, but it annually cost you 1 million.

Though opting for it will be somehow a wiser choice as the hospitalization expenses you even 2-5 million. But make sure that you are going through each exclusion, as some services that include injuries, alcohol addiction, risky behavior, etc. such services may not be right or sensible choices for the students to add on their package.

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