College Grads Need a Fool-proof Resume

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After graduation, every one of us set our self into a job hunt. If you are planning, then you must prepare yourself for the resume writing process, as effective resume doubles the chances of getting a job of your choice. Don’t worry there are thousands of resume templates out there to assist you in making your resume a way more effective.

Make sure don’t go for the software for resume templates, as they will have limited templates, and you will require an update for more. It’s better to search the online template that’s are free and by using those resume templates and modify it according to your expertise and qualities is all you need to do. The quick start resume template is a useful link from where you can find formats tailored to up to 300.


Every resume will have the following essential parts:

  • Contact information
  • Personal detail or objective
  • Educational history
  • Degrees and marks attained
  • Job experience
  • Activity Detail
  • Summary statement


The writing style of resume:

  • It should be on one page only.
  • Don’t write long paragraphs; it should be short and precise.
  • A preferable font is time roman font with the word size as 12pt.
  • Don’t use a variety of styles in your writing and fonts.
  • The quality paper bond should be of 81/2″ X 11″.
  • Try to be more formal and simple.


Now start writing the personal detail about you that will include the marks obtained, year of completing degrees, and don’t take help from the templates as it is intimidating. When you are moving towards the personal objective, it needs to be more attention-grabbing and somehow more catchy as it will be more relevant to the potential of a candidate and your employer may pay serious consideration while it tells more about your area of interest or your will for the particular field. Like you want to pursue a job as a staff accountant, internal auditor, professional lecturers, a news reporter, etc.

Another essential part that usually comes after the objective is the summary part. It should give a full coverage about your accomplishment, vital skill, and experiences so you can stand out from rest of the people by your capabilities, or talent. For instance proficient in speaking English, French. Expert of MSWORD, MS XCEL, and CORAL DRAW. Two years of experience working as an assistant professor, accountant, auditor, news reporter, etc.

Ask your friends and family to help you know more about you distinct features, which can create the clear distinction of yours from rest of the candidates. E.g., you are a champion, a great volunteer, youngest hired person, or anything that is exceptional, or exemplary.


Other factors that you need to consider: Your GPA is also crucial in your resume. If you have scored less than 3 GPA, never mention it, as it would impart a negative impression about you. But if you have scored more than 3 then you should mention it or you can highlight it for sure. But if you have scored less than 3 so you need to keep yourself mentally prepared of reasons scoring minimum grades.

Buzzwords: Having an appropriate knowledge of your field is mandatory for you. Your employer will be keen to know that how much you know more about your concerned field. Place those technical words accurately never exaggerate them. You can take help either by visiting any magazine or prospectus. The best way is to search the words through the internet.

Make sure that you don’t lie or inflate, because if you have been found doing so, they will instantly disqualify you. The screeners will be there to identify such exaggerate or lie. Try yourself staying away from it.


Proofreading is must: Never distribute a resume that will have the typo or grammatical issues. You need to proofread it to make it a perfect piece.

  • Try reading your resume a bit louder and remove the words that you feel more worded or vague.
  • Go for the professional to your concerned field, and ask them to help you to enhance your terminologies.
  • The other test of a resume is distributing your resume of different people belonging to various fields. Ask them to review your resume and after certain seconds ask them that what they have grasped from it, after knowing their point of view, remove all the secondary things, that are not so important and make it perfect.
  • You can also get an approval of your resume by passing it through a resume writing service.


After going through all the process, never forget to update it with time so you can know that what changes are brought in to your life after certain months of your graduation. After completing it, you can compare it with some standardized or best written resume.

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