Being prominent in your high school can get you admission in College

There is a tough competition everywhere, and getting noticed among people will be a choice for many of us. When you first apply to your college; you may come across hundreds of people that belong to different departments. You’ll see some people may dislike you while Some may take note of you, and like you in four years of high school. If you will gain the positive words of mouth among your institute that will make your impression right in front of the college admission officers.

Here are some of the suggestions that might surprise you that how little things impact so much in life. It will help you to gain a right image and getting favor from the administration and faculty of your school moreover help you to know that how to grab their attention and the ways of being praised by them.

Why teachers notice you…
Many ways can divert the attention of your teacher from the rest of the students and make you in a spotlight. But before knowing those factors you need to know that what teachers hate the most. Never be dishonest towards them, never show that you are not interested in the class, never engage yourself in any unethical and unrelated activity from your studies when you are in class timing, never ask for the favors nor show that you are studying to earn grades only.

Some general causes that make your teacher start noticing you in the class.

  • You should be a good student, the definition of a good student is not that he or she merely earns good grades. A good student is obedient, always put an effort to prove himself, and give the right attention to what teacher says in the class, and try to be a volunteer in every class activity and presentation.
  • Sit in front desks, and show a positive attitude in class, and always wear with a gentle smile.
  • Help your other fellows in the study and make your other fellows and teachers realize that you have abilities to float your knowledge in your large friend circle.
  • You better late stay at class and ask the relevant question to your subject and request teacher to provide you additional information related to your subject. It will make him realize that you are putting your full effort to your subject, and never bunk your class, and don’t engage yourself in any activity that may show your disinterest.
  • Keep yourself ready for any assistance your teacher may require, e.g., shelving book, and setting lab ready.

The other possible reasons that make you noticeable in front of your teacher:
Show your concern for studies and always prove that you have potential to be even the best student, revise your previous tests, and quizzes and notify your teacher about it.

Take time to thank your teacher, and for the effort, they put for your better understanding. You either can thank them by sending a thanking note or can thanks them verbally. Do something extra that can be attention-grabbing for your teacher and even for other students. E.g., bringing some resources or creativity to recap the previous lessons.

Some general causes that make your principal and vice principal start making you notice in the class: Getting notified by your principal or vice principal is a tough task, as you have to put more hard work to gain their attention. But before knowing that attention gaining factors, you need to avoid those elements that can give harm to your image.

  • Never engage yourself any disciplinary activities, not try to be over smart and go to your principal without an appointment or an optimum solution of the problem. Take appointment prior visiting the office, and be humble and show your good manners during the meeting.
  • You should be an academic star of your college, or you are often seen in sports or other co-curricular activities.
  • Show your presence in all the functions and other activities to be noted.
  • Build leadership skills in you, and make your personality more persuasive to convince people and showing them your caliber.

The other possible reasons that make you noticeable in front of your principal and vice
principal: Be a volunteer and arrange a meeting with them, praise any good thing about the school, or come up with any creative plan to improve it.

Start building some student committees, or student service program that can be beneficial for the school in the long run.

Come up with a project that has creativity, to get more noticed, e.g., making some interesting charts, wall cards, decorating principal corner and making discipline codes.

Some general causes that make your high school staff start making you notice in the class: You can make yourself noticed by your Class monitors, janitors, kitchen staff, and security
guards with the minimum effort.

But before knowing those factors, you must avoid those elements that can make your image as a bad boy. And instead of having positive words of mouth they will start disliking you. Never make them realize they are in less prestigious position, and they are our servants, nor irritate them with any of your activity, e.g., creating a mess in the class.

  • Know their name, start introducing yourself, ask about their health and greet them when you first meet them.
  • Properly park your bike to make their duty easier, compliment people on their good work, and thanks them for putting an effort for you.
  • Pick up all the additional trays from the table and through the trash to dustbin to make their job easy and say thanks to them for serving for you.

After reading all this, you might be thinking that getting noticed in high school is not an easy task. But doing all these little things will build your reputation, and soon after putting the effort you’ll be noted by many of people. Soon enough you’ll start realizing that your presence really matters in your school.

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