Charting your Plan

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Advice for your high school years.

SCHEDULING FOR APPRENTICES: Leaving everything, all aims and aspirations on the ending moments of high school is not something that will benefit you. In fact, it is highly advised that you set your goals and aims during the start of your high school. During your first year, it is necessary that you give priority to not only your grades, but also meet deadlines and complete precise college planning errands as you carry on contributing to the college selection process.

SCHEDULING FOR SENIORS: Being a senior and having spent some considerable amount of time in high school, it is very important that you keep a check on your academic process. You must not let your grades downgrade and have all your hard work go to waste. But diverting all your attention towards your grades might also cost you.
As you thrive to keep your academic record right, it is very highly advised that you always meet the deadlines. There might be some deadlines like application deadlines, scholarship deadlines, testing deadlines and financial aid deadlines etc.
Hopefully, reading all that some might have already popped in your head!

A TO-DO LIST FOR JUNIORS: So, juniors the pressure might be on knowing that you have to apply for a college soon enough but the decision might seem very easy only when you will start all your rough work and planning from day one so you won’t have to make under pressure decisions at the last minute.
Being a junior, here are some things you must do for a solid start.

Make sure you have all the information about the college you are applying to. Also, being an apprentice you must keep your academic record high. During your recent time, start studying and preparing for college so, you’re filling applications in your senior years and not looking for colleges.

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