How your Essays are rated in the SAT Writing Tests

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Planning for College Admissions Testing How Scorers Rate Your Essay on the SAT Writing Test
Two scorers will go through your essay in the scoring process; your aggregate scores will be calculated by combining the rating of both these scorers. O to 6 are the rates one scorer will be giving you while connecting both; the total scores become 12. Every student wishes to have 12 ratings, but it’s quite difficult to attain. The two samples along with a prompt are given below to help you earn 6s from the scorers and to learn how the scorer evaluates your article. After going through the rating process of scorers, the first example will have 3s, while the second gets 5s.

Here is the statement considered as an assignment: you need to complete and mention the reason for the stated choice.


There were many people in my life, who helped me in many ways but there was one of my teacher who had utterly changed my life was ……………………

The writing sample of an essay that has scored 3.
Many people came into my life and helped me, but there was my one teacher who was very kind to me and because of him, that year was well spent. Mr. Peter was my math teacher. He had a good character. He used to be very punctual, and he used to give real examples to make students more comfortable in his class, and because of him I scored well in math, as math was the subject I hate the most, but he realized me I could even do well on this subject too.
He is the only reason I passed the exam, without him I might get fail. It was Mr. Peter who helped me in my homework and in completing my other tasks related to my school. He never let me down and encouraged me to work hard, and this will make me successful in future. He also taught algebra in the next year.

Mr. Peter was a man who helped me.


The evaluation process of Sample 1: The essay was poorly structured and deserves for the mediocre rating.

The essay was not impressive, and show the caliber of the student a bit poor. The essay has three primary parts introduction, body, and conclusion with some drawbacks in grammar and sentence structure. The theses sentence gives clear meaning along with supportable convictions but still has some significant problems as the body sentences are not meaningful and do not even provide the necessary information. Sentences lack the proper transitions within the paragraph and between the entire body paragraphs. The words do not indicate how Mr.Peter helped the students in all possible ways as the student supposed to be more comprehensive about this aspect. Moreover, the topic was poorly wrapped at the end, with very limited variations in the sentences. The whole essay has basic- verb sentences with two to three compound sentences that also have no any commas.

The essay is not horrid it could be fine for some scorers as it fulfills the general requirements of the five paragraphs, and sounds honest and straightforward. By disconnecting it from those thesis sentences, the scorer might tempt to give it 4.

Chances are there that some scorer may feel it more ordinary and simplistic that unable to provide the exact meaning and not possess the run on sentence to make it even more impressive and momentous, by considering all the aspects the scorer might give it two scores.


The writing sample of an essay that has scored a 5.
I hate math since my childhood; I never in my life performed well in this subject. My eight standard math teacher helped me the most in every way, within the school premises, and outside the school. He was my inspiration that made me grasp different aspects of life, that is how to earn grades, and how discipline and punctuality will make your life a way better. He made me realize that I have potential to perform better on the subject, and also introduce my hidden capabilities, of which I was unaware for years.

When I first entered, I came across the subject that I feel is unpassable for me. And I failed in the fourth quarter of algebra, then Mr, Peter who is my real inspiration introduced the extra classes, after joining I got a knack how to solve a problem, and learning how to grasp the knowledge of algebra. I was doing because Mr.Peter’s expectation and willingness made me realize my hidden capabilities. Mr. Peter realized me that always prioritize your expertise over grades. In the first semester, I earned B grade, and he never let my moral down. Mr.Peter gave me the night session and realized me my abilities that I have potential to perform even a far better. He realized me that prioritize your knowledge over grades, and find your hidden talent that may differentiate you from rest of the world, and will make you even proud of yourself. I am utterly thankful to Mr.Peter for realizing my capabilities, enhancing my skills, making me more disciplined and successful, and for introducing my abilities that were unknown to me.


The evaluation process of sample essay number 2: the content is strong, powerful yet it has some flaws.

The candidate has written the essay with least grammatical and thesis mistake. The student has followed a proper momentum among sentences and tried making it an attention-grabbing. All the sentences show the relation with thesis sentences. The sentences accurately indicate how Mr. Peter helped him in attaining grades and helping him to achieve the other goals of life. Words follow the proper flow and mention all the necessary information regarding time, duration, grades, and the area of improvement. Though there were some mistakes and paragraphs has poor transition among them while some factors are even more exaggerated, e.g., identifying abilities, and prioritizing knowledge, etc.


The chances are there that the scorer may give it four but never 6, due to the following errors: grammatic mistakes, weak conclusion, and ambiguous and friendly words. It needs to be more formal and precise moreover the candidate has given an uncertain end, which could not effectively wrap the essay. Most probably the candidate will get five due to many of creative factors he tried to use in his essay and the determination and courage to earn better in the test.

The prompt and assignment will help you to learn more about the test and to enhance your writing skills, but keep all the pros and cons in mind before attempting the SAT writing test.

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