Juniors’ To-do List For College

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Juniors prediction regarding applying to college for the next year and being relaxed for a whole year is wrong they need to prepare their self long before.

It’s better to start earlier remain more focused, proactive and well informed of your future decision.

Junior year will be the more crucial year for a student, due to the following reason:

  • In your junior year, you are required to gather all relevant data about the financial aids, possible scholarships, merit, test procedures, merit evaluation process, and preparing for the entry test and also listing down all the college they are willing to go for next year.
  • You need to put consideration in getting data about FASFA, the possible scholarships, and filling form efficiently, and knowing the scholarships available for the juniors, and also correctly listing them, in order to have a complete back up of every information that you might need in future.
  • Students need to have a comprehensive knowledge of the SATs or Acts, their scoring modules, and guideline that can potentially increase the chances of gaining more scores in those tests. Moreover, you need to know your career choice and don’t waste much time even in selecting colleges and spending time for filling all the forms. You instead enlist the top colleges you will be willing to go and get all the detail regarding their evaluation process and eligibility criteria of having any scholarship or financial aid.
  • Your junior year is also for building your potential accomplishment in your academic. It’s time to concentrate more on your studies that can allow for you to enhance your grades. It’s also better to engage yourself in a research project that can impart an impressive impact on your resume. You never merely show concern for GPA and try actively participate in co-curricular activities.
  • Never over pressurize yourself of your next years, and overthinking for its outcome. You need to relax though should pursue more systemized way, that has your every activity balanced, and on time. You better feel the current moment.
  • Preparing your resume is also crucial, you are required to write everything you have done in your previous year, your accomplishments, awards, trophies if achieved any, grades, youngest entrepreneur, or anything that can stand you alone from rest of the candidates by making you more dominant and superior.
  • If you find any better opportunity for the summer program, travel, or anything that can make you more skilled and show your caliber to your concerned field. You must apply it to have acceptance letter as it will be worth having.
  • Exhibiting more professionalism of one’s field can lead someone to be more successful. You better make a better email account where you will be supposed to have a conversation regarding admission or their policies, choosing proper and more formal username is also essential. Try avoiding unusual names. Make a separate folder where you can have every critical detail regarding test policies, deadline, patterns, contact, numbers and admission office detail.
  • Juniors are required to go through the SAT, ACT, and PSAT. Mentally prepare yourself of entertaining difficult and analytical questions. Prepare yourself for the test and take it as a challenge because it acts like a ladder that can lead you towards gaining application acceptance letter from any college. You also better arrange any meeting with the guidance counselor, who will be assisting you in all the essential matters regarding coursework, and all the additional requirements for graduation. And will help you to know that every information in your transcript is accurate and has been rightly placed. You can consider your counselor as your right-hand person.

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