Senior’s planning for applying in Colleges

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One of the most important tasks in senior years is to be fully focused on your academics. If you are not focused on your academics then all the hard work you did in the previous years will just go down the drain. And also, keep a track of all the deadlines and complete them by time so, at the last minute you will not have about anything to stress out about.

Your senior year is the most crucial stage of your high school with all the college selection process creeping up on you.


SUMMERTIME PLAN: During the summer, make sure you are done with half of your work. If you complete half of your work within time then the rest will not be much of a problem. Start by writing drafts and scholarship essays. Also, make sure your essays have about zero flaws or errors. Keep rechecking your essays and work on your mistakes.

Another thing is start preparing for ACT and SAT. You can do that by doing online courses and by taking online tests.


SEPTEMBER: In this month, get another step closer to your goals by applying in SAT or ACT, whichever one you prefer. To save yourself some time, you can easily register online. Then, make sure you get yourself a copy of the assessments so, you can prepare for the test.

After this, you should meet with your counselor and tell him or her about this all in complete dissection.


APRIL: Easily the most crucial month of final year of high school. In April, clear yourself about which college you are going to and then also send the deposit.

MAY: This is the final month, you will receive your feedback from the college you apply to. Don’t forget to
write thank you notes or letters of appreciation to all those who helped you during high school and this
is probably your last month.

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