Taking the Stress out of College Admission Standardized Testing

Even a thought of SAT, PSAT, ACAT produces stress to the high school students. Though the stress can be lowered that is instantly get prevailed whenever we name these arduous tests in front of students.


The anxiety and pressure can be certainly reduced if you create a clear distinction between those standardized tests, and start pursuing yourself for one and making your mind and schedule prepared in early years of admission testing. It would be beneficial for you as you would have a sufficient time for the test preparation, and moreover, you can also have the option of retake if needed.


Before proceeding further, we should be clear with the term standardized testing:


Measuring all students with one standard is essential to ensure by the admission committees because there is a significant inflation regarding grades of high schools, that has been observed in the recent years.


A standardized test enables the college to evaluate the caliber of students belonging to various universities and who have got even the same scores in academic or coursework. The SAT or ACT will create a clear distinction that who is liable or more deserving to be selected for the admission while who should be dropped off.


How can we differentiate between ACT, SAT, and PSAT subject tests? The PSAT is more likely a test that one needs to pass before moving for the real SAT test. It is necessary for students to go through the PSAT in the junior and sophomore year. Though it won’t be wrong to say that passing out the PSAT is mandatory as it is considered the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, hence attempting the PSAT in junior year will be a way more valuable for students in a longer run. Students do not need to stick hard for the PSAT testing as it is just a ladder for reaching the SAT and for being eligible for the natural merit scholarship.


SAT test: the time duration of the test is only one hour and that is conducted to measure the knowledge of you on one subject. You will also have options for more than two subjects. Generally, one subject is taken as math while the other can be any you feel you are good at.


Make it sure that if you have done with the terminal class, you may take the subject test on an immediate basis as in your sophomore year. If a student has done a physics in his sophomore year and you are not thinking of it and for the sequel again. You should probably go for the test at a right time rather than considering it after two-three years later.


What to choose between SAT and ACT subject testing: Though the selection decision among these testings depends upon to the university you are willing to apply. If the college is allowing you to choose one according to your own will then it may be more convenient for you.


BOTH is also a good strategic tool that will enable you to make a better decision regarding the more suitable testing decision for you. It allows you to concentrate on particular test and you will ultimately score more on that.


There are even certain websites that help you to improve your scoring abilities like BenchPrep will permit you to perform far better and also guide you with the updated tips and other ways to upgrade and boost your knowledge for the SAT and ACT tests.


If you are more into the subject knowledge and has a command of the subject then you must go for the SAT as it is more advantageous for one. The ACT is appropriate for those who are interested in reading as it is reading intensive test. And for those who are not even aware of their true ability but has been a top of their class.

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